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Duronto Footwear – The reliable shoes of India. Remaining focused on its prime objective, Duronto Footwear has been striving hard to add comfort and style in everyone’s lives with its affordable and fashionable range of footwear for both men and women, since its inception in 2013. Commenced in the year of 2013, Duronto Footwear has quickly escalated its way to success with a dedicated team and an inspiring leader. What started as a proprietorship firm in the confinements of a 450-sq. ft. office, has now expanded into a fully organized wholesale business in Pan India, tied up with India’s best brands, sprawling office premises, committed 32 employees and an aspiring future towards a manufacturing sector. Before the outset of Duronto Footwear proprietorship in 2013, the founder, Avijit Gupta had a visionary approach to lead himself to excellence by mastering the art of strong salesmanship and corporate ethics. The brainchild of Gupta, Duronto Footwear began as a distribution firm which had tied up with some of the popular Indian footwear brands like,Action, Lancer and VKC.

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During the period of 2013-2015, Duronto Footwear was solely acting as the distribution firm and was catering to the people of West Bengal. But Gupta had a strong envision – to lead his company to the pinnacle of success with determination and dedication. Every team member of Duronto Footwear was committed to deliver outstanding results and enhance the future prospects of the company. In the upcoming years, the company has set higher standards of administering their services to the untapped districts of Bengal, setting up newer C.O.C.O. outlets in various parts of Bengal, ensuring franchisee outlets and newer range of footwear collections. The complete family footwear brand introduced an exclusive line of products, namely, ADA, ZARA, ASTHA, BRISTI, D-ORTHO, MAESTRO, SIGNATURE, ATHLETICA, LITTLE PRINCESS, PLAYTIME, PATHSHALA, PU-VENTRO, EVA STYLO and many more lineage. Each and every shoe was designed to perfection – an easygoing fashion statement for every individual. The products portray a sleek edge and fine detailing at highly reasonable prices. Duronto Footwear always had a vision to add comfort to people’s lives in the most affordable way and with these fashionable brands, the company had finally achieved their mission. Quality. Comfort. Affordability. Ever since the inception of Duronto Footwear, the company has always focused on these three aspects to improve the lifestyle of people without any compromise. Duronto Footwear – Adding Speed To Your Life

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